I don’t think it’s running away from something. It’s more like a quest somehow. Going to get something, instead of avoiding something. (Brice Portolano)

I am Matthias. I like the mountains, the snow and the rock. I do sport climbing, alpine climbing, mountaineering and ski touring. I spend most of my holidays in Switzerland and sometimes explore other mountain ranges.My most memorable tours:

– Germannrippe (400m | V | Berner Oberland | Switzerland)
– Les chants du midi (430m | 6a+ | Wallis | Switzerland)
– Winterbivy Piz Tarantschun (2769 m | Graubünden | Switzerland)
– Anakonda (VII | Ith | Germany)
– Dachverschneidung (VIII/VIII+ | Ith | Germany)
– Hermannsdalstinden (1022 m | Moskenesøya | Norway)
– Mount Aspiring (3033 m | New Zealand)
– Traverse of the Southern Alps (New Zealand)



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